Gifted music producer, singer and musician ELYAZ (Mauro Elias Morone) has always lent a unique sensibility and feeling to his compositions and arrangements, which all comes from a burning musical passion inside.He puts everything of himself into his work, taking a global approach to music production. With a delicate touch for Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering, he achieves total creative control and freedom, combined with his guitar playing, piano and voice.

His newest release comes as the ultimate proof of his talent as a producer but also as a vocalist. The track is called “The Place Where We Belong” and from the first seconds you will know that what are you about to listen is called summer dance hit !

Fusing together multiple influences and making use of an unique bassline, guitars and drum pattern, ELYAZ managed to create a special sound with this tune. The vocals work well with the instrumental, creating a slightly ethereal atmosphere on the track, while also giving it that pop appeal and making it catchier. The transitions between sections are well executed, the track has an unique flow and it all feels very atmospheric and cohesive. Check it out below and let’s us know what you think !