Life stories and memorable experiences have been at the center of new music more often than not, and ARTY isn’t one to hold back in that regard. Written together with Chloe Gaparini and Charlie Snyder (who also had a hand in ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Perfect Strangers’) when ARTY came back to L.A. after visiting his family, ‘One Night Away’ is surging with love, hope, happiness and heartfelt emotion, making it one of ARTY’s most personal singles to date.

Hitting double digits on the catchiness scale, ARTY once again proves his innate versatility with this second single of 2021. Fusing his signature sound with incredible vocal hooks and rocky guitar strums, ‘One Night Away’ is set to catch listeners off guard in the best possible way.

“‘One Night Away’ is a track dedicated to a person that’s taking a very special place in my life”, ARTY explains. “It’s inspired by love and it’s about love too, but this song is also touches upon the hope that should never leave peoples’ hearts when they’re seeking happiness. After telling Chloe and Charlie my story, everybody in the studio was so inspired that all of the lyrics were written in less than an hour. That’s what love can do to, with and for people. It inspired me to produce this song, and I hope ‘One Night Away’ will inspire others in return.”

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