The enthusiasm that emanates from Yves V, who climbed an impressive 21 places to #34 in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll, continues to burn with the stellar magnitude of a supernova, with his place in the 2015 ranking marking him out as among the highest climbers in the industry. Today we had a chat with one of our favorite producers and DJ’s from the EDM industry. You can read it below:

Hey Yves V – thank you for taking your time for this interview!

  • How have you kept inspired during the past year in lockdown?

For me, i’ve really appreciated being able to spend time at home with my family – the past year has been tough for everyone but to be able to find a balance between work and home, to actually take time and press pause, has been a bonus. The past two years at least, I’ve been focusing a lot more on producing in the studio, both with collaborations and solo tracks, so that has been my total focus over quarantine period. Inspiration can come from anywhere, different cultures, working together with fellow producers and even hearing a particular vocal can inspire me.

  • You’ve kicked off 2021 on a serious roll. First, with ‘Echo’, ‘Dernière Danse’ and now ‘Alone Again’, what’s the experience been like for you?

Thankyou! It’s been a busy time but very rewarding – I’m very appreciative that the fans have appreciated the direction I’ve leaned into with a pop-leaning dance sound, aswell as still being able to release big room, electro and progressive sounds that can still belong in a club space. We will be able to dance again soon enough!

  • Can you tell us the driving forces behind your revival of ‘Alone Again’?
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I was a huge fan of the original and loved working with both SESA and PollyAnna so that we could bring the release into 2021. I really liked how PollyAnna’s vocal elevated the production, she has a brilliant voice.

  • How was your experience collaborating with SESA and PollyAnna?

So much fun – I enjoy working on collaborations as it really gets the creativity flowing in new ways that I may not have thought of if I was working solo.

  • Who are the legends on your bucket list to collaborate with?

I’d love to work with Calvin Harris, a legend in the game.

  • Have you spent a lot of time in the studio during lockdown?

I have! The thing that this year has made us realise is the wonder of being able to collaborate remotely and stay connected with my team, is easier than ever. I recently had my debut release on ALOK’s CONTROVERSIA label which I really enjoyed and being able to experiment with deeper sounds has been something I’m having so much fun with.

  • What do you have in store release wise and are there any other exciting projects on the horizon? 

I do, I have a huge release coming up with one of my favorite artists – I can’t say too much more yet but you can follow me across my social media to be in the know!

  •  Finally, do you have a quick message to your fans?

Thankyou so much for all your support in what has been a crazy year for our industry, the best is yet to come and I cannot wait until we can dance together again.

Alex Cristian
Alex Cristian
Founder, owner and A&R at Ensis Records and EDM Nations.


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