Globally adored dance music legend Jay Hardway continues to be one of the scene’s most exciting and well-loved names.

A tastemaker within his own right, Jay’s formidable discography has played an instrumental part in the development of the electronic music scene, reinforcing his credentials as a musical force to be reckoned with. He’s now releasing his new single ‘In My Head’ on Sam Feldt’s imprint Heartfeldt. The track introduces fresh new sounds and melodious drops that’s hard to get out of your head. Previous successes include ‘EDM Bubble’ (24 million streams), ‘Electric Elephants’ (21 million streams) and ‘Golden Pineapple’ (20 million streams).

“The cool thing about ‘In My Head’ is that it has a lot of small little elements in it. Like a taclkbox, vocal chops and cool little counter melodies. So everytime you listen to the track there is new fun stuff to discover. It’s kind of a follow-up of my track ‘Golden Pineapple’ and has the same kind of “plucky” sounds in the drop. I really like this track, mostly because I made it early 2019, so I had the chance to test out the tracks on the road. It works very well for live festivals, but definitly also is perfect to listen to in any setting.”

Jay Hardway
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