Based out of Drøbak, Norway, K.S.M is emerging onto the international electronic music scene with a sound defined by hard-hitting bass and driving energetic rhythms. The young producer is quickly making a name for himself with tracks that pay tribute to the greats while driving the genre into bold new territory.

K.S.M showcase his intelligent approach to production with his newest release “Through The Silence”, by marrying a nod-to-the-streets grittiness, thanks to its raw sensibilities, merged with his white-hot interpretations of the slap house genre. “Through The Silence” it’s a release that is hard hitting, laden with ricocheting beats that are accompanied by an exquisite bassline and amazing vocal lines.

The distortion and high-energy nature of the track results in excitement that builds in a truly intoxicating sense, leaving the listener wanting more. But hey, don’t take my word for this, just press play below and don’t forget to add this slap house pearl to your favorite Spotify playlist!