In celebration of ‘Tremblin’ – the first single on Maximono’s new ‘Parasoul’ imprint,
Maximono follows up with the highly anticipated remix pack.

With diversity igniting the concept of Maximono’s new Parasoul label, it made sense that
the remixes would do just that with 4 electrifying mixes from Black V Neck, Santé,
Nowheretobefound & Satl.

All respectfully sitting high in their field of genres, there’s a flavour for every dancefloor with
Black V Neck providing the house fix, Santé going in deep, Nowheretobefound taking us on
an electronic journey, and DNB producer Satl rounding it out with his signature liquid

Quotes from the remixers:

When we first heard Maximono’s original, it immediately pulled us in with its unique vibe, expressive vocals, and that sweet melody. He approached us with an opportunity to remix the track, and we knew we had to make something special. We took a more melodic and groovy approach to match the energy of the soaring vocals and as a welcome to warmer weather.” – Black V Neck

“When I heard the vocal the first time, I immediately knew what kind of remix I wanted to make. Went to the studio and this deep driving tune came out “Santé

“My idea was to somehow translate the vibe of original into drum and bass without losing the core elements of the original composition. It wasn’t easy due to big tempo difference but I think I managed to keep the high energy.“Satl

“My approach to remixes is that I always aim to make a totally new musical bed for the vocals. While I was happy how the vocal was sitting on the main chords etc, i tried adding some elements like marimbas from the original song, played a lot of little touches from synthesizers to give them that organic feel without quantizing things too much. I love these little imperfections in music, to me that’s what gives the character to the song. Very happy how this turned out and it was a pleasure working back n forth with Sebi. “Nowheretobefound

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