Released today on John Askew’s label Deep In Thought, the mysterious Story of Oz unveils his debut single ‘Somersault’, an out and out trance banger that hits every single genre nail on the head with devastating effect.

Tight AF from the beginning, the synths sections are taut and compressed, pummeling through the driving pace and relentlessly rolling rhythms. With no apologies made and absolutely no prisoners taken, it’s clear this is trance made by an expert hand. As the single opens up, small stabs of euphoria glimmer through, promising and hinting at a change in direction. It comes timed to perfection, a true hands-in-the-air moment that begs for a return to the dance floor. Suspended in time, the emptiness of rhythm opens up a mid section that oozes essence of classic trance, synths and melodies gradually building up until Story of Oz pulls us out, thrusting us headfirst back into his swirling, never-ending cauldron of energy. 

Little is known about Story Of Oz yet label boss Askew seems immediately taken with ‘Somersault’. `“There is nothing more exciting for a label than finding amazing new music,” Askew said, “and Story of Oz was truly a goldmine of epic tracks that I was thrilled to tap into. We’re very excited to have signed Story of Oz to Deep In Thought and already have four epic productions signed and in the pipeline ready for release“.

The hardest thing for a new artist to do is make a name for yourself, to get attention and get established,” Askew continued, “but I’m confident Story of Oz will be a household name in trance circles by the end of 2021 because the quality and consistency of his music is second to none. If this sound is the Story of Oz – then book me a fucking ticket to Oz immediately.

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