Federico Costantini is an Italian DJ and record producer based in London. He’s a self taught musician, he learnt piano alongside dance and electronic music production at a very young age.

He has played in some of the fanciest clubs (Art Café, Atlantico, Gilda, Piper, Babel, Lanificio159, Warehouse and more) in his hometown Rome. His music passion and strong work ethic has driven the development of his signature sound found in his record releases.

His latest release is called “Set Free” and it was released these days on Teamwrk Records. It can be described as a dark and magical progressive house and with some strong techno influences.

With it’s smooth vocals and the energetic but melodic electronic instrumental “Set Free” delivers a fresh and unique mixture of influences and vibes, taking inspiration from various genres and modern approach to production. The transitions from verses to choruses are smooth and the whole track flows seamlessly, having a great atmosphere and cohesive energy overall. Definitely a powerful tune which i highly recommend !

Check it out bellow:

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