Decked in black masks and fearless in their studio execution, Mysterious UK duo Wh0 are already seducing some of house music’s biggest players. Their newest release “Chinatown” on Spinnin Deep already landed in our playlist, being on repeat since day one. Therefore, we wanted to know better these guys and asked them some questions:

1.   What prompted your decision to wear the masks and remain anonymous?

We never wanted the concept of Wh0 to be anything to do with what we looked like. When people come to one of our shows, we want them to lose themselves completely in the music and forget about all their troubles in the world.

2.  How did you come together as the now renowned duo Wh0?

We met at a Data Transmission event a few years ago and really hit it off. Within a matter of weeks we were bouncing ideas around, and the rest was history!

3.   Can you tell us the driving forces behind ‘Chinatown?

We really wanted to do a French House influenced record, with a strong sample. We found Amanda Lear’s record in the attic gathering dust, and instantly knew it was the one!

4.  What inspired the disco signatures that are the heart of the track?

As you might have noticed by now….we are rather partial to a sample, in particular, old disco ones. We just feel the 70’s vibes line up perfectly with our production style!

5.   What was it like having your latest release ‘Chinatown’ signed to Spinnin’ Deep?

We spoke to Spinnin at ADE just over a year ago after they showed interest. We tested the water to see if we worked well together with a couple of remixes first, and were pleased with the results, so made sense to do a Wh0 release with them in the following months.

6.    Who are the legends on your bucket list to collaborate with?

Well, we’ve already ticked one off recently, putting an absolute monster disco/dance hit together with the legend that is Nile Rodgers. We’re big fans of Calvin Harris also, would love to do something with him.

7.   Have you spent a lot of time in the studio during lockdown? 

Oh goodness yes. Sadly one of our studios got broken in to a few months ago, so it’s been the kitchen table setup for a while. But just moved back in, PHEW. 

8. What do you have in store release wise and are there any other exciting projects on the horizon? 

We plan to release another record on our imprint Wh0 Plays Records by the end of the year, and can tell you exclusively that it’s called “Believer” and is featuring the legend that is Kathy Brown. Been wanting to release this one for a while but all the vocalists we tried couldn’t hit the levels required. Kathy has smashed it! 

8.  Finally, do you have a quick message to your fans?

We have been truly humbled by how many people have joined the Wh0 Army in the last 9-12 months. We’re a relatively new act, so to have people scooping up our merch, supporting the music, etc is a dream, and we couldn’t do it without you. We recently had a fan that made some Funko Pops of us…that’s definitely a first. RESPECT! <3