We have to be honest, Renaissance Towers – no doubt like a lot of similar labels – have heard a LOT of lockdown records over the past 4 or 5 months. Whilst many were dark, dire affairs that would only serve as a painful reminder no one probably wants, one submission truly stood apart from the crowd. Fast rising Ukrainian Techno Producer & DJ 8Kays has made her Renaissance debut with ‘Sun Will Come Out’, which was released last Friday.

‘Sun Will Come Out’ is a beautifully positive record. In original form it’s a standout juxtaposition of Ira’s (aka 8Kays) haunting vocal over a chunky, bass-busting groove as she explains, “I made this EP during my isolation at home in Kyiv. Initially ’Sun Will Come Out’ sounded completely different, but because of lockdown I wanted to bring out the vocal and the melody to provide that feel of beauty and positivity. It’s entirely different to anything I’ve produced before.”

The remix comes courtesy of Matthias Meyer, who takes the records ethereal sound and turns it up to eleven. It’s a shimmering piece of musical loveliness that will perfectly compliment the tail-end of summer as the world continues to – hopefully – improve.

The package is rounded out by 8Kays’ ‘Kaleidoscope’ and, for the vocal-phobic out there, a ‘Matthias Meyer Instrumental’. Truly something for everyone.

So, here’s to an Indian Summer and the sun staying out for as long as possible!

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