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Three major tips for starting producers from Blasterjaxx ! EDM Nations Exclusive Interview


One of my favorite DJ duo from the industry are Blasterjaxx and i am excited to present you their exclusive interview with our website.

Hey, guys. How are these times for you? What have you been doing during these COVID times?

Hi guys, crazy times like any other in the industry right now. We’re making much music and focussing on keeping the business running. 

What were some of the main challenges and goals when starting out as a DJs and how have they changed over time?

You start from zero, so basically, everything is a main challenge in the beginning. Your first gig, your first release, etc., Throughout time, you meet people who can help you further, and you’ll figure a lot of things out throughout the journey.

What is your favourite production tool/plugin/feature at the moment?

Lately we’re working a lot with vocoders. It is very cool to play around with this; you can use your own voice or something coming from a singer to add a new atmosphere to your production. 

Who would you like to collaborate with?

Daddy Yankee

You are regarded as one of the biggest big room duo out there. Do you guys will remain in this zone, or slowly will move into maybe a more main stream area, like other Dj’s did?

Good question, but we’ll follow our hearts so we cant foresee what the future will hold. I don’t expect it to happen but what if we would wake up one day and not feeling bigroom anymore… haha no, but seriously, no worries, we’ll make sure that most of our fans will remain satisfied with our sounds. 

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For a young bedroom producer, what major 3 tips or advices do you have for him, regarding his passion?

1) Don’t jump on the bandwagon; always create what YOU like and feel. One day your sound will be hot, and once that happens, you mastered your sound, and it’s your time to shine. 2) Get your deals checked by a professional. 3) Don’t do it for the money or the fame, do it for the love of music. 

How bad do you guys are missing festivals this year?

Extremely Bad

What should we expect from Blasterjaxx in the next months? Any exciting projects you can give the readers a sneak peek too?

Yeah, there’s something very cool on the horizon… and plenty of music coming up. Stay tuned! 

Do you have anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Go check out our newest single ‘One More Smile’; it’s based on a true story and sure to give you goosebumps!  Thank you for your time!

Alex Cristian
Alex Cristian
Founder, owner and A&R at Ensis Records and EDM Nations.


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