Velvet Code is an Award-winning Electronic Music Artist, DJ, Radio Host, Producer and Songwriter known for his heavy 80’s musical influences and addictive dance floor tracks. A fixture on Billboard with his recent hit song “Mary Offered Ladybugs and Love Yous” hitting #27 on the Billboard Dance Music Chart, Velvet Code collaborated with industry legend Wendy Starland (discovered and developed Lady Gaga) for his sophomore album “Dreamer”.

“Teenage Dreamer”, released on Ensis Records, has something for every electronic music lover out there : catchy vocoded vocals, soaring progressive house breakdowns as well as banging high energy electro groove drops. The vocal is a focal point for this tune, with it’s catchy lyrics, unique synth vocoding and numerous inserts on the drops.

The energy is great all throughout the tune, maintained by powerful drumbeats or energetic basslines on the drops. The whole tune flows very well all the way from beginning to end, all the sounds having excellent cohesiveness and an unique atmosphere hard to match. Definitely a highlight tune of this summer, so go check it out for yourselves right now!

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