Tim is a German producer, marketing manager, and DJ, who grew up in beautiful Spain. At the age of twelve, he moved back to Germany and started drumming lessons right away and joined a band to reach his goal as a musician. At the age of sixteen, Tim got introduced to electronic music. Following his passion for music and beats, Tim decided to try himself out as a DJ. Furthermore, after housing wild underground parties, taking place in construction needed buildings, the idea and desire grew to expand his project as an artist.

TIM just released his new deep house tune which sounds quite good. Mixing up classic and modern elements on this one, the clean deep house basses, the excellent drumwork and the mellow vocals make for a perfect energy and atmosphere on this tune. Featuring typical deep house basses and stabs alongside vocal samples, both natural and pitched, this track is a prime example of what top quality deep house should sound like.

The transitions between breakdowns and drops are seamless and the whole track has a very smooth and constant energy to it, making it a perfect choice for any club dancefloor around the world. Definitely a production you are not allowed to miss out on, so go check it out now!