Both Tom Staar and AVIRA have been enjoying a surge of success as of late, and they don’t plan on stopping now. Off the back of high-caliber records and collabs such as Tom Staar’s remix of Ferry Corsten’s ‘Punk’ and AVIRA’s creative get-together with Armin van Buuren called ‘Hollow’, the recent Armada Music signees push onward with ‘In My Soul’, a premier link-up that features the vocals of singer-songwriter Diana Miro.

Also following on AVIRA and Diana Miro’s recent collab called ‘The Worship’, ‘In My Soul’ sees U.K. tastemaker Tom Staar join the Canadian creator and Ukrainian starlet for a sensational record. Tailored to the smokiest clubs and most credible dance floors in terms of sound, this collab offers a unique brand of deep-driving, Techno-tinged goodness that’ll prove essential to any dance music fan’s nighttime experience.


“Tom & I love each other’s work and thought it would be cool to see what we could create if we went into the studio together”, AVIRA explained when asked how the collaboration came to be. “We got along super well and managed to seamlessly create a really cool blend of our sounds. We were just two music nerds getting nerdy who made a song in no time because they’re nerds. He works super fast and so do I, so the whole thing was done before we could say hello.”

Tom Staar: “Once I had signed exclusively with Armada Music, we were chatting about other artists they have on their books. They told me about AVIRA, so I checked out his music and loved what I heard! I had a rough idea for a track down that I thought would work perfect for us to do as a collab, so I sent it over to him. We spent the next few weeks going back and forth online and eventually came up with ‘In My Soul’.”

Tom Staar

Diving deeper into the hidden meaning of the record, Diana Miro added: “In this song, a diamond is an allegory of a fixed idea, a very powerful feeling or even an unfulfilled dream. Something so precious and so meaningful to you that you hardly want to share it with the rest of the world, because you’re afraid they won’t understand it or that this dream will never come true. That’s why you keep it a secret. Sometimes this sensation is so powerful that every time the real world is unbearable, it can heal you. You just lock yourself in a zone, turn your inner vision deep inside your soul and observe ”the diamond” so that it gives you hope and inspiration.”

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