Following on from ‘Gravity’, his NCS label debut at the beginning of 2020, UK producer Diamond Eyes (Joshua Marment) returns to the label with another hugely personal single for his sophomore NCS release, ‘23’.

As with ‘Gravity’, ‘23’ is an emotionally charged tribute to Marment’s late best friend, The Voice (US) singer Christina Grimmie. Marmet uses his composition to delve into the shades of light and dark, despair and hope that come with any rollercoaster ride through the grieving process. Parts of the single see Marment thunder through the composition with powerful acoustic drum rolls, breaking into airy trap melodies that feel like the faint glimmer of hope; other sections ring hollow with an overwhelming, spine tingling sense of grief and disbelief.

Speaking about the track’s creative process and the vulnerability of being so open with his emotions, Marment commented: “Every song written comes from a place in my heart that is real and resonates with me. In fact, that’s when my records are best, when they connect to the heart. The truth in the record excites me because I hope it will talk to those that need the message most. I hope that others will take what they need from the song, nothing less and nothing more. It is enough if it makes you cry, just as it is to give you support through turbulent times. Heck, to others they may just dig the electronic vibes and enjoy the hook. Whichever way it impacts my listeners, is exactly what it needs to be to each individual.”

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