„With the MyZeil shopping centre in Frankfurt, we have found ourselves a great partner for the very last roof sessions,“ enthuses Bernd Breiter. Rightly so! Because the huge shopping centre is home to the longest self-supporting escalator in Europe, „The Expressway“. With a length of 42 meters, it connects the ground floor with the fourth floor – FOODTOPIA. „And on this escalator we are positioning our DJs – while selected lucky guests will get the chance to listen to and watch from individual floors, (while following current health and safety hygiene regulations). With the Escalator Edition we are building a club five floors high, with a height of 30 meters and a headline DJ transported across each floor, travelling through each area during their show. This has never happened before!“

Before a lineup of international headline DJs between 10pm and 12am play the concluding sets of the inaugural Roof Sessions on Frankfurt’s ‘Expressway’. The roof terrace of Fitness First in Frankfurt’s MyZeil will host an incredible lineup of music between 6pm & 10pm. At a height of nearly 40 meters, the terrace offers a sensational view of the Frankfurt Main metropolis skyline and with the bonus of incredible music, will ensure a spectacular once in a lifetime experience for everyone involved. DJs will change on the hour every hour, until 9pm when BigCityBeats CEO Bernd Breiter is set to host a conference, in the new MyZeil FOODTOPIA culinary and gastro eating experience. Taking into account each of the previous BigCityBeats events that have taken place during the Corona Crisis, the visionary boss of BigCityBeats will also offer an outlook of what’s in store for himself and his close knit team in the near future. We can be sure and look forward to future events because even if the whole industry is standing still, the words „wait and see“ do not exist in the vocabulary of the enigmatic and much loved BigCityBeats entrepreneur. Be Prepared!

3 Questions to Bernd Breiter

When will we finally have the chance to celebrate properly once again?

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That is truly the question of all questions that every event organizer has been asking themselves. The Night of Light initiative and connecting statement was an essential necessity to draw attention toward our industry. Politicians have been ignoring this in recent weeks. With so many companies and businesses taking part by illuminating red nearly 9000 buildings across Germany, it has caused the Government to finally take notice. First talks between the Government and our industry are being scheduled. All we can do is hope for the best.

Why have you decided to stop the Roof Sessions?

When the lockdown first came in mid-March, we immediately focused all our creative processes and energies to help our industry overcome the Corona-Crisis. And after exactly two months, we feel that the time is now perfect to start concentrating on new projects and to stimulate new, unprecedented events in this incredibly surreal period of time we find ourselves in. We also feel that we should focus on our upcoming festivals such as BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME – Winter Edition in January.

Do you feel you’re living dangerously when planning an event the size of the Winter Festival, while being unsure whether it can even take place?

Of course. But if we didn’t do anything and all just sat around on our hands we’d all go a bit mad. In addition: If the German Federal Government grants approval for major events on day X, it would be impossible to conjure a festival the size of Winter Edition out of thin air. It take months and months of preparation to organize professionally. DJ bookings, stage design, light & sound, floor optics and so on. There’s no way to plan and prepare something of that magnitude within three to four weeks.


Live from Rooftop

18:00 – 19:00 Carla Casanova

19:00 – 20:00 Paul Lomax feat Marisha (live)

20:00 – 21:00 Felix Kröcher

21:00 – 22:00 Moguai

Live from Escalator

22:00 – 23:00 Vize

23:00 – 00:00 Le Shuuk