‘Me Up’ marks the second collaboration between acclaimed Dutch duo Chocolate Puma and exceptional Singer/Songwriter Chateau. Serving a fresh portion of piano-house, the pioneers of dance-house are back and definitely don’t disappoint. Their previous collaborative piece ‘Gotta Get Away’ surpassed a brilliant 7M streams, ‘Me Up’ certainly matches the mastery.

We’re so happy that after ‘Gotta Get Away’ we got to do another song with Chateau. What struck us about the lyrics of ‘Me Up’ is that is has a strong message of empowerment. It inspired to produce something that we believe feels positive, emotional and uplifting.” — explains Chocolate Puma

It’s an honor to be working again with the legendary pioneers of House.  Chocolate Puma has such an innate musical sensibility that shines on “Me Up” and propels the song forward. The whole world is living in a time where we need to hold onto hope and perseverance, and I believe ‘Me Up’ embodies that message.” — explains Chateau

A hypnotic, house sensation with dance sensibilities, Chocolate Puma live up to their legendary names with latest release ‘Me Up’. Featuring rich, soulful vocals from Chateau that spark and pop over joyful drops, have resulted in a delight for the ears. Cool piano chords married with a nostalgic, soft groove form the body of ‘Me Up’. Evoking a sheer sense of joy with light-hearted melodies, ‘Me Up’ is sure to get you singing and dancing.

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