Gareth Emery has long been touted a grandmaster of Vocal Trance, and this new release on his Garuda label sees him validate that status once more. Created in tandem with DJ/producer NASH and singer-songwriter Linney, ‘Yesterday’ already won over the crowd through Gareth Emery’s stunning Laserface show in Minneapolis (with Linney singing live and NASH stagediving into the crowd) and is bound to reach even greater heights now that the song is officially out.

From the touching piano tones and Linney’s empowering vocals to the melodic lift-off, ‘Yesterday’ symbolizes a much-needed step forward into the light. A signature Gareth Emery production embellished with the touches of NASH, this track fuels the fire and pushes on those who held back at the turn of the road. You can check out the single below and let us know what you think!

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