Cheyne Christian is a highly respected DJ/ producer from N.J / New York. His reputation spreads far and wide due to a highly successful career that saw him on the global jet set path at the time house music really struck a global musical note. 

With its crazy mesmerizing bass lines and the minimalism it enforces, this tune right here is all about the groove and movement of the track. The tune features a diversity of bass sounds following similar patterns, aimed at driving the listener to focus on the groove and rhythmic aspects of the track rather than melodies or atmosphere. The transitions between each sound and section are smooth and well executed, giving the track good cohesion and further emphasizing on the groove of the tune. Definitely a track you mustn’t miss out on if you’re a club head and you’re all about that rhythmic house sound. Hit that play button and don’t forget to follow Cheyne Christian on Spotify

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