Botnek is back with a brand new fidget house tune ‘Gimme That Juice’. The Canadian duo came together more than a decade ago when Gordon Huntley & Erick Muise bonded over their shared love for house music. Their sound evolved to festival and Big Room bangers which landed them stages such as Tomorrowland, Coachella and Ultra Music Festival ever since.

Back in 2017, Botnek realized that they drifted away from what they were producing in the first place and decided they needed to go back to their original quirky house sound. This is exactly what they are showing with this latest release, the wacky tones and acute drops convey an old school vibe in ‘Gimme That Juice’, a track that expresses their shared love for fidget house – the music they bonded over in the early days of forming Botnek. Check out the single below and let us know your thoughts on it!