If you’re feeling like you need to add some spice to your daily routine, look no farther than Party Favor’s new music video for his single “Wasabi” ft. Salvatore Ganacci. Originally featured on this year’s highly anticipated “Layers” album, “Wasabi” is a bass-driven, booty-shaking dance floor killer. The music video elevates the track to a completely different plane of unhinged strangeness, and hilarity ensues. Watch as three very different people go about their unconventional daily exercise routine, completely convinced of the benefits of the increasingly sexual, Jane Fonda-esque dance moves.

The video for “Wasabi” calls upon the iconic ’80s workout routine as its theme, channeling the dance classic “Call on Me” by Eric Prydz, only this time the focus is on the average person. Pay close attention for a cameo from Party Favor himself – even challenge yourself to dance along if you’re feeling extra frisky. Press play on “Wasabi” and brace yourself for the heat! 

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