If you haven’t heard Todd Helder’s music up until now, then let us just say that you’re definitely missing out! The young producer has been wowing with his tunes for some time now, but this is only the beginning for him! It all started when he decided to enter a remix contest for Marshmello’s hit single “Alone” and the rest is history! He’s already released numerous tracks on Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS, plus he’s been playing all over the world, delivering some incredible shows wherever he goes.

But, as we stated earlier, this is only the beginning for him, so if you are curious to see and hear what he will do next, then make sure to keep an eye on him. Meanwhile, you can check out our recent interview with Todd below. Enjoy!

  1. Hello, Todd. How have you been lately?

Yoo! I have just got back from an insane week, I played 2 shows in 1 day which was so much fun! Also worked on a lot of music which is coming very soon 🙂

2) First of all, since this is the first time we’re interviewing you, can you tell us a little about yourself so that our readers could get to know you better?

My name is Frank Van Den Eijkel aka Todd Helder! I am  a 21 year old music producer who loves to play video games and soccer with friends! I am known for my 8-bit chiptune influences with instrumental hip hop!

3) You’ve managed to become quite the successful DJ/producer until now. How has the journey been for you up until this point?

I am enjoying it every second of every day! I still can’t believe how fast it’s going, sometimes I wonder if I’m dreaming. Everyday is different and I’m  super grateful to have this opportunity!

4) The summer is now over and we’ve seen that you’ve played in quite a few places these past few months. What was your absolute favourite performance this summer?

My favourite performance of this summer was certainly Machac in Prague because people went crazy and some of them knew my songs!

5) Also, you’ve recently released a new track on STMPD RCRDS, “Trapped”. Can you give us more details about this production? How did it come to be?

The futuristic vibe is all over the track, it is taking you on a trip to a different dimension!

6) What does this record say about you as an artist?

This is the first time I’m using an actual 12 bar vocal instead of a 2 bar rap vocal which I processed the shit out of!

7) Aside from this track, what else do you have in store for your fans, in terms of new music?

I’ve got a lot of different kinds of music including chip tune coming, which I’m super excited about and some SICK collabs with artists!! I unfortunately can’t talk about this just yet but keep an eye on my socials!!

8) Do you have anything else you are excited to share with our readers?

Keep an eye on my socials 😉

9) We have one final question for you. In the long run, what is the biggest goal you have in your musical career?

Having my own 8-bit show all over the world! And to meet all my fans from all over the world!

10) Thank you for your time!

Thank you <3