2019 and 20 big ones later sees the ultimate result of that meeting: the release of ‘[Forward Ever Backward Never]’ – Cosmic Gate’s marking of twenty uninterrupted years of artistic union. Having withstood the test of time, the pair conspired a release that would at once respect the time-honored tradition of the ‘greatest hits’ LP while at the same time giving it the wildest of insurrections.

Anjunaman Andrew Bayer’s given ‘Fire Wire’ the twist of all twists, re-imagining it as a sub-bass boosted, super-charged ass-shaker. For Analog Feel’, Estiva supplied one of his typically atypical modifications, developing a whole new melody system for the track. On-the-march UK producer Rolo Green has spaced-out brilliantly on ‘Human Beings’, while Grum’s upped ‘Exploration’’s warp factor again – transmitting its to-the-heavens bleep to the furthest galaxies. Wake Your Minds artists Greenhaven DJs and Patrick White have supplied high minded reworks of – respectively – ‘I Feel Wonderful’ and ‘FAV’ while Genix has ridden the synth storm straight to the heart of ‘Consciousness’.

But, enough with the words. Make sure to check out the LP below, because this is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on!