House music folklore suggests that love can’t turn around, but Cedric Gervais thinks differently. In collaboration with Chris Willis, the Miami-based, Grammy-winning dance music icon proudly presents a huge disco anthem called ‘Turn your Love Around’. The song is inspired by George Benson’s disco classic of the same name, and follows in the footsteps of their previous collaborative smash hit with David Guetta: ‘Would I Lie To You’.

Making clubbers across the globe leave marks on the dance floor simply because they can’t stop moving, ‘Turn Your Love Around’ features none other than Chris Willis, David Guetta’s go-to guy for a club smash able to wreck the airwaves simultaneously. After his dramatic vocal entrance prepares an ominously keyed standoff, the instrumental invites everyone to get themselves worked up to the massive disco flourishes that end up cushioning the blows by simply being too damn funky. Heavy rotation awaits. You can check out the single below and let us know what you think!