Strap yourself in: TV Noise are back with one of their hardest-hitting cuts to date. ‘Rave’ centers around an infectious vocal which will get bodies moving. The Dutch duo is usually known for taking an everyday sound and tweaking and warping it into submission to become the main element of the track. On this occasion, they have used the voice of a famous DJ… they promise you won’t guess who it is and that they’ll never reveal who it is!

Guttural bass tones throb in a techno style over a pounding kick-and-hat workout in the intro. Tension abounds in the breakdown as vocals pitch higher and snare rolls and kicks combine powerfully. The full groove is unleashed in explosive fashion, a rowdy bass house fusion that pits chainsaw leads against the bouncing bass rhythm, while manic vocal cuts punctuate in bold fashion.

A touch of cowbell ads more groove, while maddening fills continue to keep the track spicy. A stripped-back section lets the kick, bass and vocal take center stage to create a dark mood, and with one more manic build, this insane track reaches its crescendo. Powerful, hard, funky and weird, it’s everything you could want from a TV Noise production. You can check it out below!