Blumbros are two brothers hailing from a notorious district in North Philadelphia. The rap artists have joined the DJ and producer MAKJ for a second collaboration on another heavy slice of hip hop. The new track, Love Me, from their forthcoming “Thank Da Jects” EP, basks in a refreshingly confident sass that sets the tone for an unpredictable trio of music enthusiasts.

Blumbros and MAKJ first worked together on an assertive effort released earlier this year, LS6. Their second collaboration is another robust playlist staple that’s brimming with intoxicating, rumbling bass. A chaotic atmosphere is created from Blumbros and their fast-paced delivery and dynamic rhymes. The new single Love Me is an honest depiction from the both artists who are confidently exploring their musical direction. It’s a true assortment of sophisticated percussion and true street swag. Check it out below!