Amr Salah Mahmoud remixes Daft Punk’s hit song “Get Lucky” into a funky house tune.


Taking the original tune and giving it a more dancefloor oriented vibe, the remixer took Daft Punk’s timeless tune and give it an extra edge of energy and groove with this remix. The instrumental is diverse, featuring a whole suite of melodies and instruments, some reminiscent of oldschool progressive house, while still maintaining a cohesive sound and an unique atmosphere.
Here’s what Amr Salah Mahmoud had to say about the remix : “I did this remix to the love of Daft Punk and I hope one day to send them the remix as a gift and to make a song together. I am not doing it for money
I hope they hear my remix & we get in touch so I can give them a copy. I would love to remix other song for them too in the near future”
Check out the tune on youtube too :

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