Speculation has been rife since Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Paris Hilton dropped their high-profile single ‘Best Friends Ass’ earlier in the month, with names such as Cara Delevigne, Cypress Hill and Robert Downey Jr. all lending their support to the single, sparking rumors on the music video and which A-list celebrities would be making an appearance. Fans needn’t wait any longer, as the music video just dropped and features an impressive array of the hottest influencers and stars-in-their-eyes A-listers across the planet.

The music video is everything you’d expect from the coming together of so many high-caliber names, as they all combine to host the ultimate party, with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike doing what they do best, taking control behind the decks. With a slight nod to social media and mirroring Paris’ recent appearance in the Netflix documentary ‘The American Meme’, two girls enter the club and put on their shades, transporting themselves into a world of wild parties and beautiful people, representing the distorted reality of social media posts and the image of perfection portrayed within.

You can have a look at the music video below!