When it comes to providing big room house, Dutch veteran Quintino is among only a select group of renowned producers that you want in the driver’s seat. Fresh off his last release with ‘teQno (Music Is The Answer)’, Quintino has arrived on the scene to dominate the main stage in quintessential fashion with ‘TUTUTU’.

‘TUTUTU’ instantly has listeners enraptured with its intoxicating vocal samples and signature Quintino synth-induced lead. Pounding basslines and big room house kicks proceed to flood the production from top to bottom as he transports the dance music world back to an early 2010s nostalgic atmosphere. The topline becomes an instantaneously memorable melody as it euphorically progresses in the track’s build and elicits the sentiment once again that Quintino is well-rehearsed when it comes to festival anthems. Listen the track below!

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