Varien is without question the musical chameleon of our generation, able to turn his hand to any genre and and any instrument and come up with a masterpiece at a moment’s notice. Case in point, his immense new remix of Bring Me The Horizon’s 2013 hit ‘Can You Feel My Heart’, the single that kicks off a major run of music for 2019.

Channeling electro-emo fury with absolute finesse, Varien harnesses the ferocious guitar riff from the original, unleashing it with pinpoint precision alongside thundering bass and a vocal resung by BROJOB singer Andrew Zink. Crashing cymbals and rolling percussion provide a waterfall of depth against Varien’s sweeping and stabbing synths, the composition at times raging, at others almost floating in suspended animation. It’s an absolute and uncompromising tour de force from the Floridian producer, whose propensity for the more metallic side of music is well known