Internationally recognized in the dance world,  Zonderling has released music on the powerhouse labels of electronic music. No need to mention their collaboration with Lost Frequencies, ‘Crazy,’ racking up over 119 million streams and topped 23 country’s iTunes charts worldwide! Following a streak of successful releases, the Dutch duo emerges from their musical lair to unveil their latest track – ‘I Do’.

Known for their innovative production skills, Dutch duo Zonderling infuses its signature sound into this impressive dance gem. ‘I Do’ begins on a captivating note, easing the listener into the track. Before you know it, alluring claps uplift your energy levels just in time for the drop. Meanwhile, your heartstrings are pulled by Andreas Moss’ airy vocals, singing resonating lyrics that overlay throughout the track.

Making for one of Zonderling’s sophisticated compositions to date, ‘I Do’ is sure to find its way to the top of playlists, DJ sets and airwaves all over the globe! You can listen the single below!