For those who search for the beauty inside of discord, the order in anarchy, and the silver lining of the storm: sit back and let Nytrix guide the way on his newest sonic journey, the 8-track body of work he’s aptly dubbed “Created by Chaos.” Opening with the project’s namesake track, Nytrix expertly employs industrial elements undeniably groove-heavy melodies to form create a sound unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

From the metallic, tech-heavy grooves of “Glitch Prom” to the dubstep-influenced “Crypto Gangster” and the harder, downtempo electro of the closing “Time Bender,” the entirety of the project melds seamlessly through a maze of music genres, evoking different emotions and visions with each progressing track.

Eight months in the making, Nytrix has called “Created by Chaos” the most challenging project he’s ever worked on; his intention was to break the mold of his past, vocal-led releases and create an instrumental soundtrack that takes the listener on an adventure, and he has passed with flying colors. To experience this epic voyage without leaving your chair, all you have to do is press play below.