When Germany’s Kris Menace teamed up for with France’s Lifelike in 2005 for the first time, their debut single Discopolis was the breathtaking masterpiece that emerged from the collaboration. Updating the synth-heavy Italo disco sound for a new generation, they produced a genuine classic led by irresistible melody and retro sounds. Now Sander Van Doorn provides a stunning take on this modern classic, ready for the dancefloors of 2018.

As you’d expect, it’s a brilliantly classy retouch from the Dutch master, respectfully updating all the charm of the original while amplifying it into a track befitting of the modern dancefloor. The glorious vintage synth work of the original is complemented by those trademark killer Purple Haze lead sounds, with the layers of atmosphere building towards that mightily epic breakdown. The soaring main melody sounds as resplendent as ever, and the build has just the right amount of tension and anticipation without being overblown. The perfect blend of new and old. Check out the remix below and let us know what you think!