This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Top 100 DJs poll. As part of this landmark year, DJ Mag have a series of epic historical content to release in the run-up to what is set to be the largest turn-out for the poll yet. As part of this landmark year and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the landmark poll, DJ Mag will be running a 25-day social media countdown starting on 25th September.

Each day they will be releasing a piece of nostalgic Top 100 DJs content to represent each year since Top 100 DJs was founded in 1993. On the 25th day (Saturday 20th October), the winner of the 2018 Top 100 DJs Poll will be announced at the prestigious awards ceremony during Amsterdam Music Festival (AMF) in Amsterdam.

This exclusive 25th anniversary content will be run on DJ Mag’s social media channels under the hashtag #Top100DJsx25

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