Following the widely successful release of her energetic collaborative summer track with Lodato, VASSY is back to treat fans with a brand new animated video for “Doomsday”. The video highlights the track’s explosive message through vivid visuals that were crafted by Puks.

The video kicks off with an animated representation of the Australian singer/songwriter getting into a car to escape an explosive apocalypse. While driving towards her escape, she is presented with a colorful meteor shower which coincides with the climax of the track.

When speaking on the process behind writing the song, VASSY has mentioned that it’s about battling your inner demons and always being prepared to tackle whatever obstacle life throws your way. VASSY’s cartoon counterpart maintains a calm composure throughout the entirety of her chaotic journey, which draws a parallel to “Doomsday’s” underlying message. The video wraps up with VASSY & Lodato stepping into a spaceship before venturing into space to begin a new chapter of their lives.

Grab your own copy from here.

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