On a global mission aimed toward pushing sound barriers, Portugal based DJ and producer Holly makes his triumphant return to the Buygore Records label with his new three-track ‘Reyna’ EP.

Opening the EP with “Cleaning Projects”, Holly begins with a slow-burning introduction with an ambient, electronic feel. The melodic opener transforms into a powerful trap-infused climax with oscillating builds and cavernous sound textures. “Don’t Trust On A Tweet” is up next on the decks, following with another elusive preface paired with eerie bass elements and strategic percussion arrangements.

Pushing sonic boundaries even further, “Hope Hungry” is the conclusive track to ‘Reyna’ and ultimately the true testament to Holly’s creatively intricate production skillset. Instilling four on-the-floor vibes, this hybrid track dives into chiming synth work and ringing basslines, leaving listeners wanting more from the Portugal producer. You can check out the EP below!