One of the most creative and immersive global party brands “elrow” will return for another date to the number one Open Air Club. It’s their first ever season at Ushuaiaa Ibiza, and they made sure to bring a superb lineup with them for their second date. And after yesterday’s massive first elrow show that’s definitely something to look out for.

Get ready for a day with the craziest production and themed party vibe. Next, to the interactive performances and a curated experimental environment of colour, production and confetti, the event on August 22nd will feature once again an exceptional selection of artists.

World-renowned for their spectacular themed events, from a wacky comic-book house to the enchanted forest and a psychedelic hippy commune, elrow’s party themes are extensive and always executed on a grand scale, much like those of Ushuaia Ibiza. For the upcoming chapter, elrow will be adorning their el triangulo de las Rowmudas theme, and bring a pirate ship with a definite sparRow vibe.

Somewhere between Atlantis and Es Vedr’ a ship went off course and entered the white island’s wildest waters: the Rowmuda Triangle. The party on-board the boat had already been pretty fantastic, but by being swallowed by the island’s most dangerous animal: the Kraken, the party-goers are taken into a completely different dimension. Imagine an insane mix of The Island, Lost and also Alive, a wild fiesta full of shipwrecks, crashed planes, insane sea creatures and hippy communes under the sea. For more information on dates and acts at Ushuaia Ibiza, go here. TICKETS ON SALE NOW AT HERE.

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