Danny Avila certainly needs no introduction! The young producer has managed to achieve many incredible accomplishments in his career so far, but things are only looking brighter for him. He’s toured across the globe, he’s released some amazing productions, with which he has stolen the hearts of many fans. Now, Danny is looking forward to a summer full of performances, with one of them especially being his show at Untold Festival, in Romania, where the producer will be playing for the first time!

Thanks to this occasion, we’ve had the opportunity to chat a little with Danny Avila, so make sure to check out our interview below!

1) Hello, Danny. Where does EDM Nations find you today?

Hi EDM Nations, I’m at home today, preparing my set for this weekend’s show at Airbeat One in Germany. Haven’t had much sleep as I’ve been up all night in the studio!

2) First of all, we would like to know what is the one thing you’re proudest of in 2018 so far?

So far, that would be my collaboration with The Vamps and Machine Gun Kelly – ‘Too Good To Be True’. This is partly because it was the first release of my new international deal with SONY Music, but also because I’ve never worked with a such diverse group of musicians on a track before. Everybody brought something unique to the table and it was a special process.

3) Let’s move on. You released your latest original single „Brah” a few months ago. Can you tell us more about this production?

So, following on from Too Good To Be True, this was a return back to the dancefloor Danny that people recognise when they hear my music! With BRAH, I’ve dived straight back in to those bouncy, feel-good beats that I love creating so much. It’s fun to play out!

4) When are you planning on releasing another new single? (we’re sure fans are super curious to know, as are we)

I’ve just released the remix package for Too Good To Be True, which features a special Ibiza mix from myself, plus a rework from a cool young producer known as Jumpa. I have a new song coming up with SONY very, VERY soon…

5) Seeing as we’re officially in the summer, we’re sure you have a lot of shows lined up for the following months. Which performance are you the most excited about?

Festival season has been a mad one this year! I just played NERVONation in Ibiza again, which is one of my favourite gigs to perform at. Of course I have to mention Tomorrowland which I am preparing a special set for, plus I’m back in China at the end of this month which is truly an incredible experience!

6) We’ve also seen that among the many shows you have, you’ll also be performing in Romania, at Untold Festival. What do you have in store for your Romanian fans?

I’ve never been to Cluj-Napoca before, so I’m intrigued to spend some time there. Any recommendations of what to check out are welcome! I’m very particular about preparing my sets and making sure I have new tricks to pull for every audience, so rest assured I am preparing some special surprises for my Romanian fans 😉 see you there!

7) Also, seeing that we’re on the topic of festivals, we’re curious to know: if you could create your own festival with 5 artists only, who would you pick?

Great question. Tiësto, Porter Robinson, NERVO, Tujamo, Roger Sanchez.

8) And, to end things off, do you have anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Just a big fat thank you for all your support! Some of my most loyal supporters reach out to me from Romania – I see your messages and I appreciate you J

9) Thank you for answering our questions!

Thanks for having me!

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