Beyond their breathtaking melodies and explosive performances, you’ll find dance music’s closest friendship. Dutch powerhouse duo Lucas & Steve have seen a momentous rise to stardom in recent years, climbing charts and making their DJ Mag Top 100 debut at #64 in 2017.

Recently, the guys dropped a brand new single, called ” I Could Be Wrong” and for this occasion, we’ve had the opportunity to have a little chat with them. You can check out our interview below!

  1. Hello guys. How have you been lately?

For the last week I’ve been in the studio a lot with Steve working on a lot of music. Meanwhile all the summer madness is going on with festivals and everything which we love. So, it’s good times for us right now.

  1. For starters, we would like to discuss about your latest single “I Could Be Wrong”. Can you tell us more about this new track?

This track is of course with the American R&B legend Brandy. Steve and I actually fell in love with her voice ages ago. In the Netherlands where we’re from, there was this really big hit, which I’m sure was pretty big in the UK also which was ‘The Boy is Mine’ by Brandy and Monica in 1998. We just fell in love with that track such a long time ago. We were then discussing some strategy plans with the label about what we wanted to do and what we feel could be a good collaboration. We then came up with the idea of Brandy. Her management got in touch and before we knew we were working together on this project with her. So, we got to the studio and worked with her beautiful voice and the result is ‘I Could Be Wrong’.

  1. Seeing that we’re on the topic of new music, can you guys tell us what do you think is the most difficult thing about making a new single?
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I think a very difficult part is keeping it fresh and original. Sometimes it can be tempting just to really work to a sound that’s big at the moment. At the end of the day you need to be original. You need to invent or reinvent something, so you can add some new stuff to the table. It can be really difficult.

  1. With festival season now in full swing, can you reveal what festival have you been the most excited about so far?

We’re very excited about Tomorrowland in Belgium. That one is just epic, each and every year, so looking forward to that one. But also, some German festival called Perokaville. We’re doing NeverSea in Romania which is a really big one, I think that’s in a couple of days. There’s plenty!

  1. On a different note, I suppose you set yourselves goals and targets, just like anyone does. Right now, what is the most important one for you?

The most important one for us is, I mean it’s difficult to set one target. It’s more like a global career target. Just making a whole load of good music and try to get it played everywhere in the world. Our main goal and task is to make people hear our sound, so we can spread it. That would be the biggest dream come true. Up to a point we’re already doing it but a worldwide global hit, that’s a really big dream for us.

  1. Do you have anything else you would like to share with our readers?

We want to thank everybody for listening to our music and coming to our shows. For everyone that we haven’t met yet, we really hope to meet everyone soon at one of our gigs and have a sick party together.

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