The new Neovaii album is something that you don’t really want to miss !


The Soundtrack to a Summer of Fresh EDM: Electronic Producer ‘Neovaii’ Drops His New Album ‘Onward’.

Stylishly charging himself into the EDM genre, American electronic producer Neovaii drops his headline dance single ‘Don’t You Know’- off the back of his latest album ‘Onward’.

Based in Florida, USA, Neovaii sets the stakes high in the EDM scene, interlacing a refreshing mix of vocals and electronic production in his latest release.

Hitting the best of our party playlists for 2018, Neovaii’s new release ‘Don’t You Know’ has hit the table just in time for summer. The track’s seamless flow of house and musical articulation makes it a tune for the favourites, one that we know you’ll be playing over and over again.

Finding his passion for music at a very young age, Neovaii has previously worked in genres spanning from Alternative Rock to Pop, until finding his calling in Electronic Music. From there, Neovaii has collaborated with various electronic groups, ranging from Dubstep to Trap.

Already renowned internationally for getting us all in the mood to groove, Neovaii’s new album refines his talent for electronic production and composition to release a truly incredible and well-structured record.

Holding a sturdy ground within the field, ‘Don’t You Know’ sweeps us into the middle of an EDM track that knows how to get you going, bringing in those summer vibes we’ve all been waiting for.

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