Bella Goldwin & Kenneth Cullens teamed up to release “This is the end”


Canadian singer, musician and music producer Bella Goldwin, and audio engineer and music producer Kenneth Cullens from Los Angeles team up to create the concept album titled Road To War.

Story of the Concept Album Road To War:

In the year 2100, humans colonize a beautiful new planet they call Heaven. This new planet however, is controlled by one man referred to as “God”, who has brainwashed and enslaved them all.

Amongst the enslaved, a woman receives a light that enters her soul, allowing her to access to super natural powers. These powers are used in a complete non-violent way to take down “God”. “God” calls this woman, the Sin.

The final song of the EP titled This Is The End, is about the “Sin” finally reaching the antagonist “God” and sings about how she is ready to end him and all of the bad he has created in the world.

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