French producer R-Wan sets the tone for carefree romance with his new track “Take Me Away,” featuring singer Mike Jay. A delicate melody scintillates over Jay’s soulful vocals, slowly morphing into a deep, groovy bassline that will have bodies moving together all over the dancefloor. Instrumental piano breaks intertwine with the driving bassline to evoke a feeling of breezy spontaneity in “Take Me Away” that encourages meeting that attractive stranger in the club, or booking that flight to an exotic locale.

R-Wan has built his name on his ability to consistently create quality tracks with an ever-evolving sound, and “Take Me Away” is another example of his prowess; he has created a deep house inspired, funky track that is very different but just as flawless as his past hits. With summer closer than ever, “Take Me Away” is the perfect track to inspire your next impromptu indulgence. Go ahead and give it a listen below!