Dutch artist Quintino continues the saga of his Go Harder EP series, now reaching part 4, aptly titled ‘EDM’s Revenge’. Expect an impressive trip into the producer’s world, as he showcases his versatile sound with five raving tunes, including team-ups with Mightyfools, Alvaro and nFix & Candice.

After delivering last year’s Part 3, a six-track EP given the much promising title ‘Do Or Die’, Quintino now lets the saga continue in 2018. With the promising title ‘EDM’s Revenge’, this fourth episode is a trip into rave heaven, presenting the upwinding party tunes ‘Moonrise’ and ‘Ain’t No Party’, as well as the Mightyfools collab ‘G Thing’, which is a dark and twisting piece of electro house mayhem. Also coming up, ‘Dem Shots’, a blazing teamup with Alvaro, and the raw tune ‘Zoo Adventure’, which sees Quintion work together with nFix & Candice.

You can check out the new EP below!

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