Known for his high-energy productions, Deorro is bursting into 2018 with another party-starter in the form of his latest release, “Existence” on Ultra Music. While he had an insanely busy year in 2017, releasing his debut album Good Evening and taking on a North American tour, Deorro shows that he’s ready to conquer the new year with “Existence” as his first weapon.

The track opens with staccato thumps, it quickly isolates alarming, vibrating synth sounds. As indistinct vocals emerge, a sudden ambush of deep rumbling rhythms take the spotlight. The track eventually takes listeners into the eye of the storm. A moment of subdued, yet hyperactive string sounds emerge, taking an orchestral turn in the progressive house tune, before once again throwing listeners into a hailstorm of heavy beats. The track marks a change in Deorro’s style, adding strings to his energetic house sound, but he sees this more as a merging of what was to what is.

Deorro’s latest tune comes just after his major Coachella performance announcement in addition to hitting Latin American markets hard this spring at the upcoming EDC Mexico, Lollapalooza Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mix Forever Recife festivals and more. Deorro is also hitting more US cities this spring, after just finishing his North American Existence tour where the LA-based producer stopped in 21 cities bringing fans one last show for the year.

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