Herobust latest dubstep release will set the dance floor on fire !


Herobust is known for challenging our ideas of what hard music can be, and he has just brought it to a whole other level. His new track, Blockbuster, brings his signature sound design, his harmonic, band-saw-lazer synths, and his undeniable understanding of what goes off. Creating a song that tells the haters that “we know they’re watching”. This track is gonna become a new favorite for you to listen to over and over again, always finding that drop to hit just right. So turn up your speakers, boost the bass, and ENJOY THE SHOW!

Everybody deals with negativity in one form or another, but remember this – nobody’s paying attention more than your biggest hater. If you’re hating then you’re watching so f*ck it, enjoy the show. So the roll the tape and do your best to put on a good one.  You can always turn negativity into positive work, and hope Blockbuster can help.

Welcome to your new stuntin’ anthem !

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