If one were to flash back to dance music at the turn of the decade, they’d find that synthesized electro-house and wobbling bass ruled the airwaves on the “harder” end of the spectrum, a sound that has since evolved into what we now know as bass house, future bass and more. Bringing a vintage flair to the modern era, Ephwurd teamed up with Oneeva for their new single “Function,” a trippy, bass-driven journey featuring the vocals of Oneeva‘s Natalie Kyoko Waters, whose silky and emotive voice evokes memories of trance classics.

Function” lets Waters‘s song shine through before its wobbling bassline kicks in, layered with serrated electro synths and effervescent melodies. With lyrics that hint at technology malfunction, the track plays with the intersection of humanity and artificial intelligence, all the while being a guaranteed dancefloor slayer. Check it out below!

This track has just received a great lyric video, which you can see below: