London based producer Donkey Dust recently released a beautiful vocal progressive house tune called “Brainlove” with the amazing vocals of John Paragami. But who is Donkey Dust actually? Well he studied music technology and tried his ear at the infinite flow of electronic genres and advances, before moving to London where fresh trends of the music scene have inspired his new experience and at that point his Donkey Dust project started.

What I like mostly about “Brainlove” is the break part, which is a magical combination between John’s vocals and a combination of guitars, layered pads and festival lead themes, making this tune irresistible for any main stage fan. Surprisingly, the drop has a decent amount of energy, but it’s not exploding like maybe you would have expected. The vocal chops are actually forming the drop’s main theme, with support from the bass line and drumwork. But in the end, the overall sound of this tune is quite unique and original, so kudos to Donkey Dust for his release. You can listen it below and easily add it to your personal collection.

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