D-wayne goes hard and heavy with another Wall Recordings release. Surprising twists
and turns that revolve around the deep pulsing bassline tell a night’s tale in new single,

D-wayne is an artist that is known for his serious zest for life, combine that with his
ambition and drive and this switched on and successful DJ is born. D-wayne started
his passion for music after DJing at school parties. Only to follow an early contract offer
from non-other than Afrojack himself, D-wayne was thrown into massive crowds that
helped develop the unique style that we see in new single Trippin’. Even with serious
touring schedules, D-wayne and Afrojack have declared that they will be good friends
for a long time.

D-wayne has seen collaborations with various DJ’s such as Afrojack, Yves V,
Gabriel&Dresden, Crossnaders, as-well as releasing on Steve Aoki’s label, Nervous
Records, Wall Recordings, Wolv and Future House Music. He’s also delved into those
never-ending dance music sub genres, and even worked with live musicians in more
indie/pop based projects. This growing talent has also produced remixes for Tiesto,
Afrojack, Jennifer Lopez and R3hab among others.
Obsessed with sounds, this Dutch born producer absorbs us all with this heated and
heavily anticipated new single, Trippin’. As riveting as ever, D-wayne keeps pumping
the tracks out that speak to everyone, and we keep listening.

Grab your own copy here.

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