Minnesota is fast becoming one of the most notable producers in the West Coast bass
music movement. His sound breaks away from the various subgenres of EDM, but holds
onto origins of dubstep and hip-hop, with the aim of creating a truly authentic experience for
his audience. This is exactly the type of originality that Liquid Stranger’s imprint WAKAAN
aims to champion, which is why Minnesota’s Dark Crystal has been snapped up by the label
as their very latest release.

Currently finishing off his sixth year of touring and with five innovative EP’s already in the
bag, Minnesota is holding back none of his creative energy with Dark Crystal. Building
momentum with a rolling trap flow, Dark Crystal plunges in to a dubstep-infused drop which
shows off Minnesota’s production talent. Twisting and turning through an ear-popping
journey of sound design genius, the addition of clear, snappy drums and stuttered riffs make
this a top-tier bass track. Minnesota delivers the goods once again, with a kind of focus and razor-sharp precision that’s giving the top bass hustlers a run for their money.

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