Over the past years, Sam Feldt has definitely become one of the most sought after artists in the dance music industry. Thanks to his intelligently-crafted crossover sound, the Dutch DJ has managed to reach many incredible milestones in his career, but he is now getting ready to take things even further. Just recently, he released his debut album “Sunrise”, which was received incredibly well by his fans and now, the music producer has decided to drop another album.

If you want to find out more details about it and about what is coming next for Sam Feldt, then make sure to check out our exclusive interview below!

1) Hello, Sam. How have you been lately?

I have been great actually! I’m in the middle of my US Tour at the moment and already had some kick-ass shows in Dallas, NYC & San Jose together with my live band (trumpet + saxophone). I just love the energy you get when you are on tour.

2) So, let’s kick off. Your debut album „Sunrise” was released just last month. How do you feel about the massive success it had so far?

It feels great to finally have been able to put all that music out there and seeing the response from fans come back. I’ve been working on the album for more than 2 years so seeing my worked be loved by fans all over the globe is an amazing feeling.

3) Can you tell us which track from this album was your absolute favorite and why?

That has to be “Sensational”, a track I made together with my live band. When we play it live, the energy is just insane.

4) You are also embarking on a U.S. tour in support of your new album. What should your fans expect from your shows?

I’m doing a live venue tour together with my live band (trumpet + saxophone), so expect a lot of energy on stage! We’re going to be playing a lot of songs of the album including some new unreleased tracks as well. We’ve just done NYC and Dallas and they were off the hook!

5) You have also released another new album today! What do you have in store for us this time around?

The new album is called “Sunset” and together with “Sunrise” they make up 24 tracks that resemble the amount of hours we have in a day – pointing to the fact that Sam Feldt music can be enjoyed any time of day as well. There’s tracks on the album that are perfect to listen to at 9 am when you wake up in the morning and other tracks are perfect for 11pm when you’re just heading out to a bar.

6) With 2017 being almost over, can you tell us what has been the happiest moment for you in the past year?

Ultra Miami Main Stage together with the live band.

7) Also, what has been an important life lesson you’ve learned this year?

Choose the fucks you give wisely.

8) We have one final question for you. With New Year’s Eve getting closer and closer, what do you have planned for the night?

I’m playing a show in Brazil on NYE together with the live band. We’re going to be travelling for 24 hours before that to get there, so I expect it to be very special 🙂

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